About Me

My name is Preston, and I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up; ideas fluctuated between Ninja or Paleontologist/Lawyer, however nothing ever seemed really "right".  Years went on, and I started high school with a desire to succeed in this world.  Talking to my teachers and the subsequent lessons never really prepared me for any of it.  Most lacking in my opinion was the personal economics course.  The goal was to teach kids how to manage money and deal with the big wide world.  Unfortunately, the extent of our lessons involved watching biographies on billionaires and creating a fake budget. 

College came around and I said to myself "Finally, now is the time when I will learn to make some serious cash".  Economics classes were good, but they merely set the framework for understanding the economy.  4 years went by, and still nobody gave me good advise to make money. 

I graduated, got a job in the financial industry and really started to learn a thing or two.  The combination of setting off on my own with all my posessions in my vehicle and working around people who knew what they were doing gave me the greatest education I could ever ask for. 

Now it's my turn to start paying it forward.  I would like to educate as many people as possible with the lessons I learned in hopes of avoiding some of the same mistakes.  If I play my cards right and continue on the path I've set for myself, I should be financially independed in a few years. 

Join me on this journey and let me know what you think!


  1. A small typo, "My name is Preston, and I never knew...."

    Good blog and I'll keep visiting.