Future Illusions

Below is a list of topics I will be discussing in the future.

Economcis 101:
1.) What is Real Return
2.) Opportunity Costs
3.) Best Investments
4.) How to Pick a Stock
5.) Risks of Short Selling
6.) Expected Value
7.) Marginal Value

1.) Modern Day Muses (Series)
2.) A Collection of "Ah ha's"
3.) The Philosophy of a Mortgage
4.) The Seven Wastes
5.) Gardening
6.) It's OK to Fear Failure
7.) What are you working for?

Site Reviews:
1.) Quirky
2.) LendingClub
3.) Duolingo
4.) Mr. Money Mustache
5.) Early Retirement Extreme

Inventive Ideas:
1.) My Own Inventions
2.) Businesses Anyone Could Start

Guest Bloggers:
1.) TBD

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