Friday, February 8, 2013

Modern Day Muses: Pets

Whether you need a loyal companion, a listening ear, some actual task accomplished, or just something interesting to look at, pets have served mankind since the dawning of civilization.  If you’re facing a challenge in your life or possibly just need a friend, now might be the time for you to look towards your furry/feathered/scaled brethren and embrace their companionship.

I’ve hesitated to write about my life’s Muses for some time now, specifically because I’ve been on such a role with some of my other topics.  Pets however have been a conversation that creeps up in my own household for a while now.  This past Fall, our elder cat passed away and it was a very sad time for my family.  It’s really amazing how much a pet can mean to you even if you think they don’t.  I think it has much to do with their supposed “innocence”.  This death has just left us with our orange mail tabby who has sort of become the “Prince” of the house.  Consequently, my wife and I have the “pet” conversation at least once a month; should we get another cat?, a dog?, maybe something else?  The decision is still up in the air.

My point in writing this article today is that pets can often be a source of great inspiration in our lives.  Generally speaking, your pet is always there for you and even if they can’t understand, they’ll usually listen to what you have to say.  Sometimes my wife will pick up our cat, force hug it until it starts meowing a little, to which I tell her to stop and say that it is annoying him.  Her response is usually along the lines of “We feed him, so this is his job, to love me”, which is kind of true.  It’s usually this fun event that brings some light-hearted joy to the day. 

Pets can also be a great source of discipline and routine for your day.  If you have to walk your dog in the morning or evening, you’re likely to devote the same time each day to this activity which will allow your own mind to wander and ponder as you go on your little walks.  Also, dog walkers are usually much more healthy people, so that’s another perk.

Finally, pets can also be a great source of joy for your own kids.  The project and chore of training and taking care of a pet is a great learning opportunity for any kid.  It also teaches them things like compassion and friendship.

If you find yourself in a rut, why not consider a pet?  Just remember to think about your own living situation before you go out and buy that Labrador.  If you have no place for a dog to run and you don’t plan on walking them, a dog might not be the best choice.  Even a fish tank can provide much of the same joy and companionship.  You may even be inspired to continue your own writing!

Wonderful Moment of the Day:  My wife and I are actually cat sitting for some friends, so it’s a nice change of pace to have another animal in the house.

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