Monday, April 8, 2013

Maximize Your Life Through Breakfast

If you want to succeed in life and maximize your potential, then the first thing you can do immediately  is to eat a healthy breakfast.  The simple act of feeding yourself in the morning with a nutritious meal has lasting effects throughout your day, and over time, can be the difference between you succeeding and reaching your goals, or failure.

We all know the old saying that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day", but what does this mean?  Studies have shown that eating a healthy breakfast can have the following effects:

1.) A more nutritionally complete diet
2.) Improved concentration and performance
3.) More strength and endurance
4.) Lower cholesterol levels

I would like to put a note of caution on the 4th point.  It depends on what you eat.  If you're chowing down on bacon and pancakes everyday, your cholesterol might not be too good.  Overall, eating a healthy breakfast has a whole slew of benefits that are too simple to pass up.

Another important feature of eating a good breakfast is that it gets you started in the morning with a good routine.  I know that sometimes in our life, routine can sound like a bad word, but there are reasons why it can be helpful.  Routines allow us to focus on more important parts of our lives, and the comfort they provide can allow us to focus our time and energy on other events that may not be routine. Eating a good breakfast allows your brain to process the events that will likely occur for the day.

Finally, eating a good breakfast can be a nice way to spend time with your family.  Whenever guests come over to my house and spend the night, we try to cook a big and deluxe breakfast as most families don't usually do this.  Not only is this seen as a nice treat, but it is also a great setting for spending time together.

If you're not eating a healthy breakfast everyday, maybe you should rethink your routine.  As far as quick hits go, this is so very easy, that you'd be foolish to pass up.

Wonderful Moment of the Day: Just watch this clip.  It will warm your heart!

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