Monday, September 3, 2012

Getting Involved

The idea of Labor Day was first theorized in 1882 by a machinist in New York state named Matthew   Maguire.  From there, Oregon passed it into law in 1887, and from then on, it has been a source of many parades, pies, and garage sales nationwide.  On this labor day weekend, I didn't want to write a long blog post about some of the more personal items, but instead wanted to focus on some good you can do in your own neighborhood.  

Getting involved in your neighborhood is a crucial step towards maximizing your potential.  Taking the time out of your busy schedule to give back to the community is important not only to the welfare of the community, but also to your own persona.  For my own volunteer activities, I tend to stick with Church related events and projects, however the rewards and friendships have been priceless.  So without further adieu, I give you my top 5 reasons to get involved in your local community.

1.) It allows you to become more connected with your community:  You will have the opportunity to meet many neighbors you never knew you had, and you will be able to identify people who may be able to help you in different situations.

2.) Helps to build community:  This sort of plays on this first topic, but essentially means that you will be able to find new friends and contacts.

3.) Discover your passions: Volunteering is essentially a way for you to determine whether you like to do a certain activity.  Depending on where you are in your life, this could be an incredibly important point for you going forward.

4.) Potential resume builder: Having interesting volunteer and community building organizations on your resume is a great way to show your future employers that you care about your community and you work well in teams.  

5.) Staying busy will help you do better in other areas of your life:  Maintaining the discipline to complete volunteer activities will help you be more efficient with your time and allow you to accomplish much more throughout your life.

There are many more reasons to volunteer in your local community, but these are just  few that I find important.  Besides the overall joy you could bring to your community, you could end up improving your own life.  Use this Labor Day weekend to help your fellow man.

Wonderful Moment of the Day: Looking over the many photos of happy memories with my wife.

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