Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Your Own Personal Terra Nova

Temple of the Blue Moon Tree House at Tree House Point
You may have heard the words "Terra Nova" used before throughout your life, especially most recently from a hit TV show bearing the same name.  In Latin, Terra Nova means "New Land" and has been used throughout history as a beacon for new found adventure and freedom.

Marred in the early days of the Roman Empire, this term was used to describe new "unknown" lands.  History flew bye, and subsequent empires used the term to designate places such as North and South America.  These were lands fraught with danger, however many would traverse the violent Atlantic to have a chance and achieve their own fortune and fame.  Many times, they would come to ruin, however a few of them managed to establish lasting settlements and achieve what they had so anxiously wished.

When it comes to our own personal lives, "Terra Nova" may mean very little, but I'm here to change that.  I'm hoping to inspire you to seek out your own Terra Nova as a source of inspiration and happiness.  At minimum, you should break out of your comfort zone and experience new life adventures in places you thought you'd never go.

Most recently a couple months ago, my wife and I had the privilege to travel to Seattle for my sister-in-law's wedding.  It was a great time filled with family, food, and friendship....let's not forget the dancing!  However, we desired something a little bit more on our trip.  For most of the weekend, we had been busy with wedding related events, and had not really taken the time to explore the area.  It is exactly for that reason why I booked a stay at Tree House Point.  Much like a bread and breakfast, visitors have the chance to stay in a beautiful old growth forest next to a dashing brook, however there's a are sleeping up in a Tree House!

The chance for adventure and a story to tell was definitely worth the higher than normal hotel price (and who says I'm cheap).  We had a wonderful time and it made a memory out of the whole situation.  The whole point I'm trying to get at hear is that you need to find your own Terra Nova whatever that may be.  Travel to new places, meet new people, try something that you have been putting off, or even learn a new hobby; these are all examples of new lands that you must explore.  What I don't want to happen to you is to work as hard as possible only to realize that you have worked your life away.

Wonderful Moment of the Day - Walking to the subway in the morning through an otherwise perfect and sunny day.

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