Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Seven Wastes: Rework

Continuing with our Seven Wastes series, I present to you our next topic, Rework.  As you can probably already guess, rework by definition means doing something over again.  This concept came along with the ideals of factory production, because having to redo a manufactured item is not only expense, but it wastes time and resources.

Imagine if you were a shift supervisor on a factory floor and 1 out of every 10 widgets you produced needed to be remade.  Think of all the wasted material that goes into fixing something that should have been right the first time.  Since you now have workers dedicated to repairing or reworking the products you should have gotten right the first time, you are struggling to balance your shift's quotas and will fall behind this month.

Most of us are not shift supervisors, but we can learn some important lessons while performing our own projects.  Say you are proud of your handiness and have decided to replace your defunct dish washer (on a side tangent, I know that actually having a dishwasher was a huge achievement in my life).  You rush through the installation, don't read the directions, and your dishwasher now has issues and is leaking on the floor.  Because you did such a poor job installing it the first time, you need to buy new connectors and other materials and will need to re-install the whole mechanism again.  How do you think you would feel at that moment?  If you had just put in the time to do it correct the first time, you would have overall saved yourself more time and annoyance.

Examples also occur in the white collar world.  Imagine you are an analyst at a company that depends on your reports for key industry information.  You decide to leave a little earlier or maybe stop working and fly through the most recent batch of reports.  Because of your sloppy work, your boss gets angry with you and makes your reproduce them all over again.  This rework now demands that you stay after work to produce it right.

Often times, it pays to take your time and do good work the first time around.  Not only will you save yourself time, but you will also succeed more throughout your life.

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