Friday, August 3, 2012

Why I Love Public Transportation


By now, you've probably assumed that I love my public transportation routes, but don't get me wrong, I also love the occasional car ride or family road trip.  Like most other articles you've probably read, I want to share with you my own experiences with public transportation and how it can really enrich your life.  So, in no particular order of importance, I give you the top reasons why I love public transportation:

Very Cheap - If you are like me and live in a city, you may have to deal with the expensive nature of parking your car.  Where I work, it costs $6/day just to store your car where you work.  If you add on top of this maintenance, fuel, and insurance, then you're talking some big bucks just to get you to the place where you can make some money.  It's almost like a tax on your work!  Well, in my case, I take a subway train that costs $4/day round trip and drops me off right in front of my work.  It's even just as fast as if I took the car downtown.

Good for You - Just from a healthy living standpoint, I have to walk about 4 blocks in order to get to my local subway shop.  This nice little walk in the morning is at least some level of exercise that I would not get if I just walked to my garage and drove to work.  This special time in the morning has become my own personal time in which I get to experience the weather, nature, and fellow neighbors.  

Good for the Environment - I think this is pretty obvious and you've probably read a number of articles on the subject, but using public transportation is much better for the environment than if you took a car.  Take, for example, the simple bus.  If 40 people took the bus everyday, then that is 40 less engines working all towards the same goal.  Traffic would decrease, and your overall commute would be much more pleasant.

Don't Worry about Driving - One of my favorite reasons to take public transportation is that it takes almost all the stress in a commute right out of the picture.  You don't have to worry about traffic, construction, or any other problems that would normally cause a delay.  Instead, you rely on the skills of the driver to get you where you have to go safe and sound.  I also find this time to be perfect for reading a good book, or thinking about other blog posts.

Become Exposed to Different Types of People - Let's face it, currently most people riding public transportation are those who cannot afford a car.  Taking the time to sit next to them in your daily commute opens your eyes to a world that you may have never thought about.  It's this cross-economic class exposure that provides great insights into today's average person.  

With all these opportunities available to benefit from your local public transportation, it starts to seem foolish not to take advantage of them.  Your homework assignment for the next week is to try getting to your work at least once via public transport.  You may find that it's more enjoyable than you thought.  The worst case scenario is that you saved some money along the way.

Wonderful Moment of the Day: It's Friday, what more!


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