Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Alternatives

It's Black Friday folks, and that means tons of shopping insanity.  Hopefully, with many big retailers keeping their doors open longer the night before, there is not as much craziness going on today.  The name Black Friday comes from the idea that it's the first day in the year to date that retailers finally make a profit (or are in the black).  The remainder of November and December are purely for profit at that point.  Some people really find some good deals today, but let me proprose some alterntives.

1.) Cyber Monday - stay at home, shop online, and have everything delivered to your house.  Pretty laid back if you ask me.

2.) Black Friday Weekend Craigslist shopping - Many people who shop on Black Friday are purchasing replacements for something they already have.  Imagine all the great deals you'll get by searching Craigslist in the coming days.

3.) Find Deals and Donate to Charity - If you purely love the rush of the crazy shopping experience, then why not apply your shopping skills for some good.  You can donate your purchases to charity and even score some nice tax write-offs. 

4.) People Watch -  This is actually kind of what I do on Black Friday.  Go to a mall, sit on a bench, and watch the craziness unfold around you.

5.) Sleep in, and enjoy your day - Relax, sleep in while digesting left-over turkey, and read about the craziness in the paper or online.

Whatever you decide, this day marks the first day in the Christmas season, so get ready for all the singing.

Wonderful Moment of the Day: Great Deals!

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