Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dollar Shave Club Update

It's been a couple months since my adoption of Dollar Shave Club, and you may have read my first article  back then.  A couple of developments have occurred in the last few weeks, and it seems that the company is getting some further media recognition, so I thought it would be a good time to update everyone on my experience thus far.  

Recently, Wired wrote an article about a recent infusion of investment dollars into Dollar Shave Club.  If you recall, their business model revolves around providing no-name cheap razors delivered to your doorstep each month without any hassle.  It appears that going forward, Dollar Shave Club has some more robust ambition in pursuing even more products in a man's personal care.  Expect to see soon shaving cream and the likes in your medicine cabinet in the near future.  

As you may have read in my first article, I started my experience with Dollar Shave Club by ordering the 4x. This was a very sturdy and nice 4 bladed razor that came into my house on a monthly basis with 4 razor blades at a total cost of $6/month.  At the time I started this purchase, the simple twin razors were not available, and so I anxiously waited.  About a month went bye, and I received a notification that they simple twins were now available, and I diligently subscribed.  I received the package, opened it up, and found the razor blade in complete shambles.  Everything had been destroyed.  Chalking this up to just bad luck, I wrote Dollar Shave Club and email, and in about a week, they sent me another handle.  Sure enough, the whole handle was completely destroyed again.  Make no mistake, the simple twin is a piece of crap.  If the handle cannot even survive the mailing, how is it going to survive multiple uses.  Plus, the simple twin costs $3/month ($1 for the blades, and $2 for shipping and handling).  Realizing that I had made a terrible mistake, I went back to the 4x, and have been satisfied ever since.  It should also be said that the company did send me 2 simple twin handles in the mail again, but at this point I had it with that product and have moved on.  

It short, I do think Dollar Shave Club has a good business model and is evident by their excitement in funding, but I would stay clear of the simple twin.  

Happy Shaving!

Wonderful Moment of the Day: Sausage and fennel stew...yum!

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