Friday, November 2, 2012

Worst College Majors for your Career

Keeping with the college theme this week (don't ask me how these themes come to me), I've found another article on the 10 worst college majors here.  As you may know, I've recently become a fan of Kiplinger's personal finance magazine and website, and I think they are chalk full of useful information.  To rate their list of majors, Kiplinger's looked at 6 metrics from average median salary to the likelihood of working in retail after acquiring said degree.  With that sad, here is the short list from least to worst:

1.) English
2.) Sociology
3.) Drama and Theater Arts
4.) Liberal Arts
5.) Studio Arts
6.) Graphic Design
7.) Philosophy and Religious Studies
8.) Film and Photography
9.) Fine Arts
10.) Anthropology

As someone who graduated with a liberal arts degree, I can tell you that it's not all bad.  In fact, your career is what you make of it, and the amount of time and effort you put forth.  I'm actually quite proud of the fact that I can quote Enlightenment philosophes and discuss a plethora of subjects when I'm at a social setting.  This skill is much more difficult to learn than most jobs.  In fact, I learned pretty much everything for my current job while doing it.  Plus, you can always go to graduate school to learn a more specialized trade.

I am a little surprised that graphic design is on the list.  There has been a number of times where having a good graphic designer would have definitely come in handy, especially with the look and feel of this blog.  That said, if you are a graphic designer and can help make this site look better, feel free to contribute and I'll publicize your name to all that I tough.

Wonderful Moment of the Day:  Got to use the word "philosophe" in a sentence.

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  1. Well Written! Interesting that English would be at the top of a list like this