Monday, December 31, 2012

Build Your Own Cat Tower

Didn't realize how pudgy my cat was
getting until this picture!
My Wife and I have been throwing the idea around for awhile.  We wanted some cool cat tower, but didn't want to pay the premium prices you see at some of the big name pet stores.  Prices for a decent sized tower range anywhere from $50 for the most basic all the way up to $500 and beyond.  So, what's a good penny wise family to do but build one ourselves.

We started with a vague concept of a 3 tiered system that would be carpeted and have some scratch post abilities.  We also didn't want to spend more than $50.  So, it was off to Home Depot.  Here was how we did:

24' of Carpet = $15.21
2" wood screws = $7.98
Staples = $3.22
Junk Plywood = $1.01
Sisal rope = $27.90
Total Pretax = $55.32
Sales Tax = $4.84
Total = $60.16

Definitely spent more than we intended, but we did only use about half the wood screws, 1/10th of the staples, and also had a good 3' of carpet left over which conveniently became a new area rug in our entry-way.  Overall, it wasn't too bad of a deal, and hopefully our cat Ziggy will like the end result.  I think what messed us up the most in our budget process was the Sisal rope.  If we were able to find a cheaper bulk option for cheaper, we would have been set.  Oh well, it was a good learning experience and I'm pretty proud of the end result.

Wonderful Moment of the Day: Working with the neighbors to dig us out of more snow.


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