Friday, May 24, 2013

102 Thrifty Ways to Save

My Frugal LifeIn my quest to provide you with personal Finance and smart money-sense guides, I've scoured the Internet looking for some helpful household tips.  This site called "Thrifty Fun" has an interesting article on 102 tried and true ways to save. The list includes a whole slew of simple ways to make your dollar go that extra distance.  Below is a sample of my favorite tips from reach category:

Laundry Room:
- Pre-treat stains as soon as you notice them - why have to throw away your nice work shirt when a little scrubbing can save you big bucks.  Another helpful tip is to keep a "Tide Pen" at work in case you spill there.

- Re-use bath towels - You really need to only use about 2 towels per person per week if you are just drying yourself with them.  Just make sure to keep them hung up in a way to fully dry out.

Kitchen and Pantry:
- Learn to cook - It's amazing how much you can save by cooking your own meals versus buying out, not to mention how much healthier it can be.
- Bring leftovers to work for lunch - I do this every day, and not only do I eat better food, it's also way cheaper.

Bedrooms and Living Areas:
- Buy the highest quality sheets, furniture, etc. you can afford.  They will last for years.  In today's IKEA culture, this may not be widely though of.

- Use your library for books, movies, music, and books on tape.  This is such a great and under-utilized source.

- Make a list for everything you need to purchase.  This will prevent all those impulse buys.

- Put on a sweater when you are cold.  My house is never more that 65 degrees F in the winter.

- Buy items on sale AFTER the holidays.  This requires a little more planning and forethought.

- Save your scraps and combine for interesting projects.  This is a really good option especially if you have kids.

- Clean your own carpets with a rented or borrowed machine.  Really, how many times a year do you wash your carpets; once?  Renting a high end carpet washer will do a better job and cost less in the long run.

You can see the types of easy information that can make you into a handy, frugal, and overall better person.

Wonderful Moment of the Day: The sound of rain on your roof at night.

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