Monday, May 27, 2013

When to Splurge???

Notice the asymmetric design?
Sometimes you can be too good at saving.  In fact, you start to reach a point where you get so fed up with your saving that you need to spend it on something.  This phenomena called "the splurge" is usually used as a destructive term and can do havoc in your finances if you are not careful.

Before we get into the concept of what's a "good splurge", we should first realize what the point of money is.  By itself, money is essentially useless, but it is purely a means of acquiring something else.  With that in mind, the use of money should have some goal behind it just like saving money should come with some goal.  Recently for me, my car needed new tires; in fact it just barely passed the state inspection because of this issue.  Tires for me are my splurge, and I've always been good at saving so that I can 1.) Retire early, and 2.) buy things that provide safety for my family (like good tires).

For me, a good set of all weather tires can revolutionize your car driving experience.  My personal brand of choice is Nokian, but a high quality Firestone, etc... is probably also good.  Let me tell you, those tires came in handy over the long weekend!  I had a wedding to go to, and it was over 400 miles of solid rain driving.  It even snowed on the wedding day in May!  Thanks to my new Nokian tires, I never had a problem with stability or felt like my family was at all in danger.  Safety is one of my chief concerns, and splurging on quality tires is a "good splurge".

What's important to you, and what is the goal for you to use your hard earned money?

Wonderful Moment of the Day: Happy Memorial Day!

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